badminton-actionSATURDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2010

Man of the Match – Calum Sant


Well here we are at Mold for the first match of the new season.  Five divisions of four teams from across the county, all nervously waiting to take to the courts and size up the opposition.  Some will win, some will lose but hopefully all will have fun!

Buckley has four teams again this year, A B C & D.  Unfortunately this year the C & D Teams are both starting in Division 5 so could be drawn against each other.  The B Team starts in Division 4 and the A Team in Division 2 (that’s a tough legacy from our A Team of last year!)

Who were in the teams?

A Team:

  • Calum Sant
  • Ewan Pullen
  • Matthew Jones
  • James Hinchcliffe

B Team:

  • Jaegan Fuller
  • Cerys Brackenbury
  • Jack Southwell
  • Charlotte Ince

C Team:

  • Milly Harmes
  • Ann-Louise Barron
  • Zack Arrowsmith
  • Luke Griffiths

D Team

  • Sarah Jones
  • Calum Artell
  • Gareth Ellis
  • Anna Huber

Cliff Price, Team Manager, had some last minute decisions to make due to some players being unable to play, i.e. regular A Team player Ethan Johnson was injured, which gave James the chance to make his A Team debut and consequently moved up several other players.  Charlotte moved into the B Team and as Daniel Cooper was unavailable new-comer Ann-Louise played in the C Team.  Because of other unavailabilties Anna Huber bravely agreed to fill the final D Team place just a few hours before the start!

As always Division 5 started the proceedings and we were drawn against Castell Alun and Prestatyn.  Although the D Team lost both their games the new team played well and I’m sure gained a lot of experience.  Anna in fact won 2 games so well done her!  Luckily the C Team wasn’t drawn against the D Team and went on to win one game and draw the other which they actually won on points – so very well done them!

We then had an hour’s wait before the B Team went into action and lost both their games – sorry can’t remember who they played.  Then the A Team took to the courts and drew both games against some fierce opposition – again sorry I didn’t note who they played against.  I have to say in mitigation that it was my first time taking down the scores and filling in the sheets for our Buckley teams and especially with two teams in Division 5 things got a bit hectic at times – I promise to do better next time.

We won’t know whether any of the teams have moved up or down the divisions until just before the next match on Saturday, 6 November at Buckley but they all played well.

Until next time,


(Junior Match Secretary)